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[Solved] Need help with Blus screen of death(BSOD) on my toshiba laptop

Need help with Blus screen of death(BSOD) on my toshiba laptop

Hello all, ive been having a bit of trouble with my laptop the past week or so.
While playing a game(minecraft) i would randomly have a BSOD error and my laptop would restart.
At first i gave it no thought but when it happened again i decided to try and
do a little research, but im not that great with technology and such so i got no where with my own research.
So could anyone point me in the direction of some possible routes for getting this fixed.
do you guys suggest i bring it to the shop and see if they can check it out, what would i need if i did.
I did get a program to read some sort of "dump" file that is made when a BSOD occurs, should i post what that program says here? the program is BlueScreenView, if yes, what do i post from the viewer thing? There are 2 main screens on it, oen that shos the
different dump files(which is on top) and on the bottom it list different file names for each dump file i think with some of them highlighted.
im not that good with tech so i dont know much but do i need to post anything about my laptop or any info from the dumpfile and would that info help in any way in figuring out the problem? just tell me what i need to post and ill get the information posted
in a reply, thanks.
ps: I dont think playing minecraft is the cause of the BSOD and crashing but i only get it when playing minecraft, so i dont know if minecraft is causing the crashes and such.
I watch videos and such all the time and i never crash.
Ill try and play a different
game and see if that causes my laptop to crash and maybe the cause is high usuage of my laptop, as i was told games require a lot of power from a laptop/computer if they arent the "best" laptop for gaming.
but yh, if anyone thinks they can help me and needs
certain information plz tell me so i can get it to you.
if you guys think it would be best to get a professional to look at mylaptop just say, though im saving that as a last resort.

Keys to the Problem Need help with Blus screen of death(BSOD) on my toshiba laptop

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I would suggest you to refer to this article to check if this helps.
Resolving stop (blue screen) errors in Windows 7
Important: System Restore will not revert any of the non-system files like documents, email, music, etc.
to a previous state.
These types files are completely unaffected by System Restore.
If your intention with this tool was to recover a deleted non-system file, try using a file recovery program instead of System Restore.
Important: While performing check disk on the hard drive, if any bad sectors are found, then check disk will try to repair that sector.
Any data available on that sector might be lost.
Custom Install Disclaimer: If you don't format the hard disk during installation, data files are saved to a
Windows.old folder on the partition you installed Windows 7. 
However, you should still back up the files.
If you have data files that are encrypted, you might not be able to access them after installing Windows 7.
If you've backed up your data files and then restored them after installing Windows 7, you can delete the
Windows.old folder.
Let us know if you need help with this issue, we will be glad to offer our assistance.

Make Sure that your System Meets the System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Requirements :

  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

You need to double-check your computer's hardware configuration against the following Microsoft requirements. If your PC hardware is not up to par, then make sure you update where necessary before continuing.

Recommended Method to Repair the Problem: Need help with Blus screen of death(BSOD) on my toshiba laptop:



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